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Mars 15th-17th 2010, Tokyo, Japan


The aim of this workshop is to illustrate B/event-B formal modeling as a technique for specifying, designing, coding and validating software-based systems.

Backed with the two main open-source modeling platforms (RODIN, Atelier B) and in relation with the growing number of industrial applications in the Railways and in the Smartcard domains, this workshop is headed at providing a clear picture of B/Event-B current status of development and exploitation, focusing on the support tools as well as the industrial applications. The workshop includes a large scope of presentations given by the DEPLOY project members or associated to the project results.

Target audience is software/system engineers and project managers, as well as researchers in the domain.


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Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

  • Automatic refinement (A. Requet)
  • Industrial applications
    • Automatic pilots (Siemens, Alstom): (T. Lecomte)
    • Validation of large scale railway models: (M. Leuschel)
    • Event-B in space (Space System Finland case study)
    • Smartcard (Memory Protection Unit from STMicroelectronics): (T. Lecomte)