Publié le 17/02/2021 |

We are pleased to inform you that Atelier B 4.6.3 is available.
It is exclusively reserved for maintenance holders, and is accessible from the account page.

This version fixes, 133 bugs and several improvements are included:

  • AtelierB CSSP
    • B modelling and application programming for starter kits SK0 and SK1
  • Interactive proof
    • Saved proofs can now be replayed until the first failing command
    • Userpass can now be saved in the patchprover file
  • Project management
    • Improvement of the use of MANIFEST
    • MANIFEST files can now be used through the console
  • Translator
    • C4B: add the translation of tables indexed by an enumeration.
    • B2C: control on table initialization
  • Drudge
    • Use of real numbers
    • It is now possible to add only rule validated by PP
  • NPOG
    • Event-B: add the WITNESS keyword
    • Consolidation of PO generation
  • Documentation
    • Add the proof obligation generator parametrization manual

If you require more detailed information please refer to the 4.6.3 release notes