Publié le 31/12/2014 |

Atelier B 4.2 Community Edition has been released on December 19,  2014. This release brings 151 bug corrections and 47 improvements. Among these features, we may mention:

  • A new traceable, generic,  proof obligation generator
  • Addition of a proof server, in order to distribute and speed up proof
  • A better integration of real and floating point numbers
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Boolean and integer translation fine-tuning in C4B code generator
  • Accessors added to BART in order to solve refinement conflicts

More details in the  Atelier B 4.2 release notes.

Since its commercial birth in 1994 with the release 3.2, Atelier B has evolved continuously thanks to a number of industrial and R&D projects in the railways and the microelectronics. With B for piloting trains and opening/closing platform screen doors, millions metro passengers are safely transported every day worldwide. In 2014, more than 25% automatic metros embed safety critical software developed with Atelier B.
The timeline below summarizes the main stages and evolutions that Atelier B went through over this period.