The new version 4.4.2 of the AtelierB

The new version 4.4.2 of the AtelierB toolset for the B method has been released. This comes with numerous bug fixes and several feature improvement that will be introduced. The most interesting feature is probably the new capability of proof obligations visualisation and management directly within the editor. We have also two new capabilities for the interactive proof and additions to the proof rules management tools.

Atelier B 4.1.1

Atelier B 4.1.1 is available for download for Atelier B 4 maintenance contract holders. This release brings 59 bug corrections and 7 improvements. Most corrections are related to unwanted man-machine behaviour: Atelier B: 41 bug corrections, 4 improvements Bart: 13 bug corrections, 3 improvements Code generators: 2 bug corrections Mathematical rules proof tool: 3 bug […]

Atelier B 4.1.0

Atelier B 4.1.0  has been released for everyone and without any restrictions of use. This new release  brings 385 bug corrections and 56 improvements  (see the release notes for detailed description of most important features). Among these features, we can mention: Support for « data generation» project Improved support of integers : maximum implémentable value (MAXINT) can […]

Atelier B 4.1 Beta 1

Atelier B 4.1 Beta 1 phase starts on November 2nd 2012 for a month. This release integrates 4.0.2 improvements and comes along with a number of new features such as: data validation/generation projects support, in complement of “B for Software” and “B for Systems” projects,  as well as Prob model checker integration; project graphical views, allowing […]

Atelier B 4.0.1 is available for maintenance holders

We are pleased to inform you that Atelier B 4.0.1 is available for download. It is exclusively reserved for maintenance holders, and is accessible via their respective accounts on the Atelier B Website. This new version is available on Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris. Several Atelier B 4.0 bugs are fixed. Details are available at […]

Atelier B 4.0 is available !

ClearSy has the pleasure to announce the release of Atelier B 4.0. This version comes with a brand new mode of distribution : the download of Atelier B 4.0 is free a new maintenance contract tailored to your specific needs Among the main improvements of the tool : New supported operating systems: Mac OS X […]

Atelier B 4.0 is available in beta test 2

After 2 months testing the beta 1, here today Atelier B 4.0 beta 2. We wish to thank all contributors who helped us to improve this version. Windows (17 Mo) Linux (41 Mo) Mac OS (60 Mo) We thank in advance all the users who contribute to the improvement of this new version. To contact […]

Atelier B 4.0 is available in beta test

ClearSy make it available to users for get feedback on this version. We thank in advance all the users who contribute to the improvement of this new version. Windows (10Mo) Linux (30Mo) Mac OS (28Mo) Sources Files (780Ko) To contact us and send your comments and suggestions, contact us at: More informations about Atelier […]