Event-B Training


Event-B is a specialisation of the B-Method, used to formally describe systems and mathematically reason about their properties. The objective of this training is to enable use of Event-B in the modelling and validation of systems. The training provides a reminder of the principles behind the B-Method and the theory used by Event-B, as well as an introduction to the specific features of the latter.


  • To acquire the basics of the B-Method.
  • To understand the principles behind modelling systems with B.
  • To validate the properties on the systems by using Event-B.
  • To write the “right” models in Event-B.


  • Anyone willing to acquire knowledge about Event-B.
  • Anyone willing to use B to model systems.


  • Mathematical understanding equivalent to a Science A’ level.
  • Basic knowledge of B, or “understanding B” training recommended.


  • Introduction to Event-B
  • The Event-B langage.
  • Refinement techniques.


– New York Metro (NYCT) (USA)
– Alstom (France