Version – Atelier B 3.7.1

Date of diffusion : 07/03/2008
New Functionalities / Characteristics:

Version 3.7.1 corrects certain anomalies present in version3.7. The corrections introduced are as follows:

  • Graphics interface: duringexit from the proof interface, the dialogue box asking if the demonstration should be saved blocked the interface.
  • EMACSPRI interface: compatibility problems with version 3.7 have been corrected.
  • Prover: the “search rule” command now correctly searches for the rules in the .pmm files.
  • Type checker: Duringthe adhesion of constant abstracts via homonymy, the type-checker picked up an error, whilst this construction is permitted by the B language.
  • User tracking moderules: in certain instances the use of the user tracking mode rules were able to finish off the prover.
  • The BASIC-IO machine from the LIBRARY project does not allow generation of the code.