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 Atelier B Support & Maintenance


Atelier B version 4 is free, in its Community Edition. Last version available is 4.2.1.

> Several beta-test phases have been organized, for version 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.5. CLEARSY thereby hopes to encourage the distribution of Atelier B and the B Method, and design services to finance development of the method and tools.

CLEARSY’s distribution policy is as follows


> a new major version of Atelier B for free every two years
> compatible with WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX.
> interim versions for users who subscribe to a maintenance contract.


> the annual maintenance contract includes: a hotline, interim updates, test versions of new tools, participation in beta tests, examples, training materials…
> the industrial maintenance contract will cover the current and prior or specific versions of Atelier B.


> Furthermore, CLEARSY offers the following services for the B method:
B method training : “initiation”, “software projects”, “proof”, “automatic refinement”, “system modelling”
development of system models and industrial software based on the B method
experiments with the B method using industrial case studies (B software and B event)
development and maintenance of specific tools (industrial translators, for example)
adaptation of Atelier B and proof tools for new fields.

> This distribution policy is associated with a new policy for the open use of B tools and related documents:
Open Source implementation of the Language B reference manual
Open Source implementation of training materials and examples
availability of interface tools and related documents to allow for external tools to be interfaced with Atelier B.

> With this policy, we particularly hope to favour the learning of the method and contribute to the development of tools and, in particular:
improve the support materials for B and Atelier B
translate them into different languages
improve Atelier B interfaces, in particular the edition of models and Atelier B’s interactive proof interface
adapt the code translation tools into different languages and perform various optimizations related to targets
connect new academic or professional tools, such as: animators, provers, model checkers, requirement managers, project documentation tools, test generation tools.

“We hope many of you will use B.”

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