International conference SBMF 2017

ClearSy will participate to the international conference SBMF 2017 ( on formal methods that will take place on November 27-December 1 2017 in Recife (Brazil). At this occasion, ClearSy will present a scientific article entitled “Applying a Formal Method in Industry: a 25-Year Trajectory”. Moreover, a dedicated training session will be organized during ETMF 2017 […]

The new version 4.4.2 of the AtelierB

The new version 4.4.2 of the AtelierB toolset for the B method has been released. This comes with numerous bug fixes and several feature improvement that will be introduced. The most interesting feature is probably the new capability of proof obligations visualisation and management directly within the editor. We have also two new capabilities for the interactive proof and additions to the proof rules management tools.

ClearSy organizes a technical seminar that will take place at Sherbrooke University, October 20, 2016 (from 10h30 to 12h).

The seminar, entitled “Proven software with B executing on Low Cost High integrity Platform”, is aimed at presenting the latest innovations concerning the use of the B formal method for the development of safety critical systems:

“Atelier B has been heavily used in industry, mainly in the railways, for the development of proven safety critical softwa

LCHIP project (Low Cost High Integrity Platform) will ease development of safety critical systems and software up to SIL4, the highest Safety Integrated Level.

LCHIP project (Low Cost High Integrity Platform) will ease development of safety critical systems and software up to SIL4, the highest Safety Integrated Level. LCHIP platform is a combination of a B method (formal method) Integrated Development Environment and a secured runtime platform able to execute software in real-time.

Atelier B has turned 20

At the occasion of the ABZ 2016 conference (  which took place in Linz (Austria) on May 23-27 2016, ClearSy was invited to present the last 20 years of development and industrial use of Atelier B, and to expose forthcoming innovations including functional modelling (Abstract Model Editor), improved automatic proof and low-cost high-integrity platform (LCHIP). […]

Double-Core SIL4 Architecture Presented During Open Source Innovation Spring (Paris)

At the occasion of the seminar entitled “Languages and tools for Software Reliability” (May 12th 2016, Jussieu (Paris)) that will take place during the Open Source Innovation Spring, ClearSy will present the Double-Core SIL4 architecture aimed at low-cost safety critical automation. This architecture relies on innovative safety principles and a software development formal tool-chain. Software […]

Atelier B 4.3.1 is Available for Maintenance Holders

We are pleased to inform you that Atelier B 4.3.1 is available for download. It is exclusively reserved for maintenance holders, and is accessible from the account page ( ) This version contains 27 fixes and two new features: a new prover based on the ProB tool and the B Coding Rule Checker. The integration […]

Formal Data Validation Tutorial at ABZ 2014, Toulouse

At the occasion of the ABZ 2014 conference, a tutorial on formal data validation is organized at ENSEEIHT together with workshops (see details here). The tutorial will happen on June 3rd 2014 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. During this tutorial, formal data validation principles will be exposed (key concepts, mathematical language to express properties, […]

Atelier B 4.2.1 Free

Atelier B 4.2.1 Free is available for download. It corrects the errors related to the introduction of the new tool bxml and the lack of default values for the required resources.