The B Compiler


Logo - Compilateur BWith the Theorem Generator and the Theorem Demonstrator, the B compiler is one of Atelier B’s main tools. It allows for an analysis of the syntax of B models and the verification of the coherence of types, as well as the rules on the construction and visibility of models in a B project.  It therefore is a powerful library that allows for new applications to be created.

For example:

Tools Presentation
BART An automatic refinement tool. This tool lets you automate the installation of abstract B machines by applying the refinement rules. Siemens Transportation Systems uses a similar tool to develop automatic pilots for subways.
B2Ladder A translator that produces a Ladder (a contact language used by programmable automatons in industry) graphic model based on a B model. This translator is specific to the Siemens S7 automaton family.
Btags A tool that generates navigation information for the Atelier B v4.0, Emacs and vi model editor. It accepts the entry into B machines of the mathematical rules used for proof with Atelier B, as well as BART refinement rules.
B2Rodin Transformation of an event B model (in Atelier B text format) into a Rodin xml model.
The Cross-referencer (CrossRef) A tool to generate dictionaries of terms.
Translators of B to C, ADA and High Integrity ADA (industrial)

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